Weekend Coffee Share: November 5, 2016


Hello! Welcome to my first Weekend Coffee Share here at my new home. I’m so glad to have you! You’re welcome to pour yourself a cup of coffee, but let me warn you…the dinosaurs made that batch.

Yes, I woke up to quite a ruckus this morning. The dinosaurs knew I would be sharing a coffee post today…and they knew that meant an opportunity for a photo shoot. They do love it when I share their pictures. Well, needless to say, dinosaurs aren’t good at doing anything quietly. 😉 By the time I made it downstairs, they had already maneuvered a cup of coffee onto the side cabinet in the living room, knocked Thanksgiving decorations around to their liking, and started slurping coffee. They are wily! The bad news? They definitely took some liberties with the decorations that I’m going to have to set straight. The good news? They make pretty good coffee. 🙂

Dinosaurs Slurping Coffee - Autumn | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds


So, now that you have your dino-made coffee, let’s chat!

I’ve had a pretty hectic week, but it hasn’t led to many interesting bits of conversation…unless you’re particularly intrigued by the whosits and whatsits of starting a new blog or half-finished knitting projects or having the motor in our heater replaced or the details of filling out field trip forms (and the schedule wackiness those field trips lead to).

Much more interesting than the week we’ve had is the week coming up…starting today. John and I have our usual Saturday hike planned, of course, but we also have another bit of fun planned for this evening. We’re going to see the Hansel & Gretel opera! Woot! I am so bloomin’ excited!

We also have a choice to make one evening this week. Grace’s school’s Powder Puff game and the local Literacy Council’s Adult Spelling Bee are on the same night. Oh, decisions, decisions, decisions. Both events promise to be hilarious. Both events support good causes. Both events will have friends attending. We can’t even use food as a deciding factor. Powder Puff? Nachos! Spelling Bee? Pizza! Since one of them is indoors and one of them is outdoors, I think we may just let the weather decide for us. 🙂

The school week ahead will be a nutty one. Grace only has three days of school (due to Election Day and Veterans Day), and one of those days is a field trip. Grace will be singing at a very swanky awards show next weekend (complete with swanky after party), so she’ll be field tripping for a day of rehearsal before the big event. We normally attend all of Grace’s performances, but John and I have decided to skip this particular event. The cost of tickets and a tux rental for John and a formal dress for me and the meal being served at the show…well, it all adds up to being a little cost prohibitive at the moment.

Yep, it’s going to be another week of chaos and fun. 🙂


We also have some nuttiness going on with our volunteer work. As many of you know, we volunteer once a week to take care of meow-faces at a no-kill shelter. This is a thing we do on Tuesday evenings…because Tuesday evenings are really the only time that Grace and I both have available. Wellll, this week, I went on my own because Grace wasn’t feeling well and had a ton of homework, and when I arrived, there were already volunteers there. After perplexing for a moment (yes, I’ve just turned “perplex” into a verb), I spoke to the already-present volunteers, and they informed me that they’ve decided they’re going to do Tuesday evenings now. Interesting. So, I texted the volunteer coordinator asking about the situation, and a person could say that she wasn’t happy. Apparently, she never ever told the other volunteers to move to Tuesdays…they just took it upon themselves to tinker with the schedule. I did go in on Thursday evening to take care of the kitties (the night that the other volunteers abandoned in the name of Tuesdays), but that’s not something we can normally do. (Grace has a Latin class on Thursday evenings that prevents this from being a working solution.) At this point, I still don’t know what our volunteering schedule is, and, as a person who puts things on the calendar months in advance, it’s driving me batty. I’d hate to think that we’ll have to stop volunteering because of scheduling. *sigh* Okay, let’s balance out the negativity of this whole paragraph by looking at a picture of one of the fluffybutts from this week:

Kitty Has No Patience for Nonsense | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds

I think we can all see that kitty has no patience for scheduling nonsense. 😉


Speaking of volunteering, we are back to our Relay for Life shenanigans…but this year, we’re doing things completely differently. In the past, I’ve done Relay for Life with my sister in Raleigh. This year, we have a team in the local Relay for Life. The event isn’t nearly as big, but I think doing a closer event will be fun…and less stressful. We (and by “we,” I mean Grace, John, my best friend, Grace’s best friend, and me) are officially the WalkOSaurs. (Shocking that I’d throw dinosaur fun in there, right?) Our event is in May, but I’m already running a billion miles an hour with planning our booth and fundraising and recruiting team members and things. I am sooooo looking forward to the event! I think our booth is going to be pretty amazing…especially if you’re into “adopting” dinosaurs and finding “fossils” and things. 😀

Want to see our “logo” for our team? Of course you do! Here it is…

Walkosaurs: Relay for Life | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Okay, I’m still going to work on that a bit, but I think you get the general idea. 🙂


As usual, I have babble, babble, babbled about my plans and things. I want to hear what you’re up to! Anything fun or interesting or fulfilling coming up? Any projects you’re working on? Anything awesome happen this week? Tell me all about it!

And, as always, I hope you have a week that is full to the top with love and hugs and gigglesnorts and adventure and contentment! ❤

Want to join us for a Weekend Coffee Share? Go check out Part-Time Monster’s blog…she’s a nice monster, I promise!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: November 5, 2016

  1. carolaadamsrnbc says:

    Have a great weekend! I will be taking a hike also as soon as I get Endnote figured out and repost a paper. It seems my non-working life is going to be busier than my working life. What is the definition of work anyway? LOL! I have subscribed to your new blog. It’s cozy over here. Good set up! Better go. Updated FB with my crazy life! Later dinosaurs. 😀

    Liked by 4 people

  2. bettylouise31 says:

    Volunteers are great but so often the fix their schedule to suit them and not others. I hope the scheduling conflict works out in your favor. Grace is very busy and especially keeping up her grades.vGood for her. Decisions are often hard to make. Have a good week.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Rowena says:

    Thanks very much for the Dinotea. Very refreshing!
    Grace’s performing actities sound great and I understand the difficulties of trying to manage the budget and be supportive. I decided not to play in the end of year music concert, which saved us $80.00. My daughter is performing at School Spectacular. It’s a mass choir but there’s a serious rehearsal schedule and of course, buying tickets. It all adds up and keeps adding up. I’m needing to pull my head in. Ouch!
    xx Rowena

    Liked by 2 people

  4. kaycreate says:

    Yay for volunteering! I do hope the scheduling bits get worked out; it would be quite sad to miss out on kitty time! Two weeks ago we (meaning me and my little) just completed orientation for volunteering at the local Humane Society! They have a program called Cat Tales where kids ages 5-10 can come in and read to the kitties (plus pet and play with them of course) to help promote and build socialization with us humans among the cats. I pretty much died at the idea of a program that promotes cat love AND reading for kids. We go at least once a week now, sometimes more!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. teachezwell says:

    Love your shenanigans! Also love your Relay for Life logo. Very clever! And that fluff-butt had a seriously unhappy expression regarding Tuesday and Thursday night volunteering. Put the cat in charge and it will all work out! (Now I read the comments above and see that the cat rules!) I have a major potentially painful meeting this week. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised! I could use a fierce cat….

    Liked by 1 person

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