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Weekend Coffee Share: December 3, 2016


Welcome to the Home for Full-Grown Nerds! Our dinosaur friends have been hard at work getting our coffee prepared, so I do hope you’ll enjoy a cup. (Pay no mind to the errant feather that may be floating around in there…and try not to ask too many questions.) 😉 Maybe some nice chatting will distract us from any oddities happening in the coffee cups, eh?

Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Season | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds


As usual, it has been a chaotic week around here. In fact, this week seemed even more chaotic than most. I’ve had more plan changes to deal with in the past three days than I’d like to see in a year. Of course, I’m not good with plan changes…they tend to send me straight into a swirly mess, but I’ve been working on my “roll with it” mentality. 🙂 So, I’ve been rolling with it, but the added time commitments have done a number on my blog schedule. I’m afraid I’m going to be about 24 hours late with my Day Seven post for Have an Awesome Christmas. Currently, the plan is to double up with Days Seven and Eight this evening. Yep, I’ll be babbling all about getting your menu plan in order and making guests feel warm and comfy and welcome. 🙂


We have all sorts of plans for the weekend ahead, but John and I are so worn out from the week, that we may punk out on some of them. We definitely will be hiking this afternoon, but not until after we’ve driven Grace out to spend the weekend with her mom. (Something we normally would do on a Friday, but there were circumstances.) Other than that, we have the town tree lighting and a symphony Christmas concert on the agenda…since neither of those events requires our presence, we’re going to play things by ear on those. 🙂 (I must say, I would be much more inclined to attend the tree lighting if someone would post an actual time for the event instead of just the date. I don’t feel like it will take the full 24 hours of today to get that tree lit. I mean, it is pretty big, but no one is climbing up the thing with a match and lighting individual candles or anything. I’m pretty sure it just gets plugged in.) 😉 Anyhoo, we shall see where the weekend takes us.


I’ve been putting a lot of thought this week into raising money for Grace’s school’s theater department. You see, the kids wrote this play, Boal, and it is amazing…just amazing. It’s about the anger and fear and confusion they feel about oppression in our society, and it is pretty much guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of any creature not made of concrete and hate.

They performed the play for the regional theater conference…and won! So that meant they went to the state competition.

They performed the play for the state theater conference…and won! And that means they get to go to the Southeastern Theater Conference in Kentucky!

But that is not cheap, my friends. The theater department is looking at a bill right around $15,000 to get all of those kids to Kentucky and back. Yikes!

So, anyway, I’ve been brainstorming some ways to raise money for that, and, so far, I haven’t come up with much.

As a shot in the dark, I thought I would share a Facebook fundraiser that one of the other PTSO moms started…just in case anyone wanted to donate a dollar or two. It’s a fabulous way to support these hard-working, big-hearted, super-talented kids and their message. (And Grace isn’t even in the theater department or the play, so I’m not saying any of that out of being biased, I promise!) 🙂


Don’t they look just awesome???

Also, if you have any great fundraising ideas that are fairly quick and simple, I’d love to hear about them!


Well, I hate to split after what feels like such a short coffee chat, but it’s time for us to head out the door. I am so, so happy that you’ve stopped by for coffee, and I (and the dinosaurs!) hope you’ll join us again next week! And we hope that you’ll pop by for some Have an Awesome Christmas fun, too…we have lots of good stuff on the agenda for the week ahead. 🙂

Until we chat again, have a week that is full to the top with love and hugs and gigglesnorts and adventure and contentment and peace!

Want to join us for a Weekend Coffee Share? Go check out Part-Time Monster’s blog…she’s a nice monster, I promise!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: December 3, 2016

  1. Corina says:

    Fundraising at this time of year is really tough. I don’t envy you. I will pass the FB link around and see if anyone can donate a few dollars. Can they maybe perform it locally for a few a weekend and charge a “donation” instead of admission? The donation can be a “suggested” amount. That might be the best way to do it. Maybe get businesses to donate food/drink to be sold at the performances with the proceeds going to the travel fund? I know some stores, at least out here, would probably be interested in doing that.


  2. kaycreate says:

    That is so awesome for the kids’ play! Best of luck in raising money for them to get there! We enjoyed our town’s Christmas Night this past Friday evening. (Lucky for us, they give a time for the tree lighting – 8pm haha! 😉 ) Many of the local businesses host little crafting sessions for kids, along with opportunities for charity actions either by donating or things like writing letters to soldiers. It’s a great time! Something we look forward to each year.


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