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Weekend Coffee Share: December 10, 2016


Welcome to the Home for Full-Grown Nerds! The dinosaurs would love to pour you a cup of the coffee they made! After they’ve added cream and sugar just to your liking, we can cozy into the couches and have a chat. 🙂

Weekend Coffee Share: Christmas Season | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds


Because I am me (and my family is my family), we’ve had another exciting and goofily busy week. Other than the usual work and school and volunteering stuff, we had a fabulous time at our town’s tree lighting ceremony/festival last weekend. And last night, we had a fabulous feast at one of our favorite restaurants before heading out to see the Nutcracker. This was our first time going out to see the local youth ballet perform, and we all loved it! (We normally head out to Charlotte to see the Charlotte Ballet Company, and they are fabulous, but it was great to see a ballet closer to home and support our community.)

Union County Youth Ballet Nutcracker | Ms. Emily's Home for Full-Grown Nerds

Tonight promises to bring more fun for us! Grace will be performing in a festive chorus concert right in the middle of the mall. (Pretty much the only thing that could get me to go in the mall…ever.) 😉 I’m so looking forward to seeing all of those beautifully-voiced lovelies all dressed up (a formal performance!) and singing carols.

What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend? Any special Christmas-y festivities?


This week has also been all full of the blog troubles. Well, actually, internet troubles in general…but also some blog-specific problems. I won’t go into details (because blah), but I will tell you that I think everything is all straightened out now.

And I’m considering some big moves with this blog and Nerd in the Brain for after the holidays. What I’d really like to see happen (what I’ve wanted for a long time, actually) is one website housing both blogs, but I’m not sure how to make that a reality. I’ve been researching, researching, researching things…and I’m uncertain if I can make things work the way I’d like to, but, after the holidays, I’m going to give things a go. What does that mean to you, my dear blog readers? That things on both blogs will be a bit of a mess between now and then…but I’m pretty sure you’re used to that from me. 😉 (Why must I be perpetually tinkering with these things??? Why don’t I just leave well enough alone? It’s like some sort of blog sickness.)

What about you? Any blog goals or plans for 2017? Are you planning to mix things up…or are you totally at peace with how your blog is going? (If so, please tell me how you got to that point!) 🙂


On a different and more festive note, Christmas excitement is in full swing around our house! Just yesterday, I finished up the last of the online shopping. (A super-secret thing for Grace…and some flamingo slippers for one of Grace’s teachers. Wait, what? Flamingo slippers? Yep. Somehow Grace came by the knowledge that her science teacher wanted flamingo slippers, so, of course, it became our mission in life to find this woman some fuzzy pink birds for her feet. Mission accomplished.) 🙂 Everything is pretty much taken care of at this point…we’re just waiting for the big day.

Of course, “the big day” for us will be about four days later than for most people. As I’ve mentioned before, we alternate years with Grace’s mom for where Grace is on actual Christmas Day, and this is a “mom’s house” year, so we’ll be Christmasing a bit late. Awesome benefit to having Christmas late? Grace’s best friend will be able to join us for all of our festivities without missing any festivities at his own house. Woot! Even though we celebrate Christmas at an odd time every other year, we still do the full on experience right down to leaving cookies for Santa. You did know that he makes a special second trip around the world for people with blended families, right? 😉

So, what do John and I do on actual Christmas Day? Hehe…not much of anything, actually. We will be merry and lounge about like slugs. We’ll be merry slugs. Imagine a slugs with little Santa hats on…that’ll be us. 🙂 We’ll have some special snacky treats and things, but we’ll hold off on presents until the gang’s all here. 🙂

Does your family have any oddities in how they celebrate Christmas? Any unusual scheduling or reasons to celebrate late…or early? (There are some real advantages to celebrating not on the actual day.)


Well, it’s time for me to scoot off and get ready for our Saturday hike. It’s our first chilly hike in a long time, and I’m looking forward to wearing long sleeves and not feeling like I might implode at any moment. 🙂

Until we chat again, have a week that is full to the top with love and hugs and gigglesnorts and adventure and contentment and peace!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: December 10, 2016

  1. carolaadamsrnbc says:

    Sounds like an awesomely fun-filled weekend! My fun will not begin until after the qualifying exam on December 15. So I will be spending my weekend organizing my materials and trying to anticipate what questions might be asked on the 15th. Other than that I think I am going to throw together some stuffed pepper soup in the crock pot. Exciting stuff, right? Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. anne54 says:

    The ballet concert looked awesomely cute! I always knew that Santa was a nice guy, but I didn’t realise how nice until you told me that he does a second trip for blended families. I had pictured him sitting in the comfy chair, feet up by the fire, enjoying the peace of After Christmas. Instead he is harnessing up the reindeer and setting off again!
    This year we will be spending Christmas with the Fella’s six year old grandson. It is a long time since I have spent Christmas Day with a small child!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. kaycreate says:

    Our holiday weekend will be full of family and friends, which is just the way I like it. And despite it being pretty much around the corner, I have hardly given a second thought to goals for 2017! My plan is after Christmas is done to spend the whole week after leading up to New Year’s getting organized for 2017. I’m looking forward to it…I get weirdly excited about planning and goal making!

    Liked by 1 person

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