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and welcome to my (our?) cozy little corner of the internet! I’m Emily, and I’m ever-so-happy that you’ve chosen to join me!

Why “Ms. Emily” instead of just “Emily” or a user name? Well, it’s a little tribute to my mom and grandpa…they’re two of my favorite people who ever existed and they both called me “Ms. Emily.” Since they played such a huge part in shaping me into the nerd that I am, it seemed fitting to include them in a blog about my life.

And who is Ms. Emily? I’m a 42-year-old ball of enthusiasm who is also stepmom to one of the most fabulous teenagers on the planet, wife to one stunningly amazing fella, and mom to a four-legged, 20-pound pile of feisty cuteness who goes by the name of Frank.

breakWhat is a full-grown nerd?

Well, a nerd is anyone who has a great deal of enthusiasm for a topic (or several)…and that topic can be anything. In my case, I’m a domestic nerd, a math nerd, a science nerd, a book nerd, a kawaii nerd (and more), but this blog is mostly intended to be focused on the domestic bit…the ways I nerd out about daily life as a stay-at-home stepmom and the ways I incorporate nerd culture into domestic bliss. (Why, yes, I have incorporated microbes and dinosaur skeletons into a lovely and “grown up” living room.) 😉

breakWhat can you expect from me?

Oh, all sorts of things! You can expect babble about decorating, crafting, cleaning, and organizing…and lots of bits about the little things that bring joy to my life (and, hopefully, yours, too). 🙂

More importantly, you can expect a safe space where you are loved and accepted and free to be just exactly who you are…as long as who you are isn’t being a meanie to other people. 😉

I don’t believe in the idea of being “too old” to be enthusiastic about things…or being “too enthusiastic” or “too weird.” Nope. You are 100% welcome to let your freak flag fly around here. Fly those flags, y’all!

I also believe in welcoming all of my blog friends…no matter your religion, sexuality, gender, race, age, hobbies, or favorite pizza toppings, you are welcome and safe here.

breakWhat I expect from you…

Be kind and respectful. That’s it. 🙂

breakComment Policy

I only have one way of dealing with hateful and nasty comments…by deleting them. I will not engage with trolls. I will not allow trolls to insult or be nasty in any way to me or the people who frequent my blog.

Of course, you are welcome to kindly and respectfully disagree with things I post and comments readers make. Disagreeing doesn’t make you a troll…being mean does. (But you’re not mean, are you? Of course not! This whole comment policy is probably 100% unnecessary because you’re all awesome people!)

breakAward & Challenge Policy

I am truly honored and flattered to be nominated for blog awards, but I will not be accepting any blog awards here at Ms. Emily’s Home for Full-Grown Nerds.

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